Airbnb And Vacation Cleaning

Golden House & Office Cleaning is the cleaning company you’ve been searching for. You need the best cleaning service to prepare your AirBnB, creating a welcoming experience for your guests. You want a cleaning service that is punctual and knows what guests appreciate most.

Our goal at Golden House & Office Cleaning is to take the work out of preparing your AirBnB listing for each new guest.

Your Airbnb rental in East Bay is only as good as your reputation, and any good Airbnb host knows the importance of cleaning when listing their homes.

What’s included in your Airbnb cleaning package:


  • Kitchen: Appliance surfaces, countertops, and floors (vinyl, tile, carpet)
  • Bathroom: Sink, mirrors, countertops, tub, and faucets
  • Bedroom: Floors vacuumed/wiped, surfaces dusted, window wills
  • Living room: Dusting and wiping floors, surface wiping, and vacuuming