New home construction interior room with unfinished wood floors and twin closets.  The electrical and hvac connections also are partially unfinished.

Post-Construction cleaning

Cleaning up after a commercial construction is finished is more than just vacuuming and dusting. There may be a lot of construction waste and debris. Some of it could present a hazard. Our cleaning professionals can take care of your post-construction cleaning needs, including those hazards. We will clean the property of the lingering dust in the air as well as the smaller pieces of debris that are often hidden away. We know that our post-construction cleaning services save contractors time and money. We offer a ton of different cleaning services, and we cater them to each individual job. Some of the services we offer include:

  • Removing all nails, screws, and other metal objects
  • Vacuuming to remove sawdust, drywall dust, and other debris
  • Washing windows and glass doors
  • Removing all large debris, from scrap wood to drywall leftovers to metal roofing
  • Taking all trash and refuse off of the site ourselves, saving you the hassle of transporting it
  • Sweeping, buffing, and polishing tile floors
  • Purifying the air and eliminating dust that can hang in the air for weeks after a project concludes
    And much more

In essence, our post-construction retail cleaning services get your building into tip-top shape so that it can be up and running when you want to open. You envisioned a bright, clean, modern space when the project began. If that’s not what you got because the contractor left when the construction phase was done, you need our post-construction cleaning services to deliver what you were after all along.